Doxel Original 4All

Virgin Camelina Oil + Pumpkin Seed Oil

Ideal for soothing and preventing possible skin and coat problems in our dogs.

Doxel Original 4All

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Product details

A daily dose of Doxel 4all, provides them with a unique omega 3:6:9 balance and natural vitamins, such as Vitamin E.

  • Improves the hair helping to prevent hair loss and the appearance of dandruff. It also helps the hair to grow strong, especially after periods of moulting. Doxel 4all calms the skin and is perfect for dogs with dermatitis and allergies.
  • Your natural antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, strengthen your immune system and care for your joints.

Our camelina oil, the main base of Doxel Supplements, is very different from salmon oil. In addition to being free of heavy metals and not being a refined oil, it does not cause bad breath or increase cholesterol in our dogs. In addition, its unique natural flavour delights those dogs who do not want to eat.

Doxel's supplement bottles are made from a new material that is derived from the sugar cane instead of fossil raw materials such as oil. The use of this packaging is intended to lead to a more sustainable production that cancels out the carbon footprint. At Doxel we are committed to sustainability and to the health of our dogs!


FREE SHIPPING for orders over €25 in mainland Spain and Portugal (4,95€ for lower amounts).
FREE SHIPPING for orders over 44,95 € on Balearic Islands (7,95€ for lower amounts).
International shipping : Due to the increased cost of international shipping we are forced to calculate the rate with each shipment, please contact us at and we will inform you of the shipping costs.

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Customer reviews

43 reviews for Doxel Original 4All

  1. Mirella Alva Herrera -

    My dog is a westy with skin problems due to environmental and food dermatitis (to birds), he had a bad period. With this oil his coat has improved a lot and he eats his food with pleasure.

  2. Miry -

    After 2 months using it, dandruff and dry hair have disappeared. It is super shiny, soft and shines. Also less hair loss at this time of year.

  3. José Luis -

    Hello, I have a female staffy blue terrier with atopic dermatitis, I have been giving her doxell 4all oil for three weeks and the areas where her hair had fallen out and her skin was dry have improved. Logically the allergy is not cured but its effects on the skin have certainly improved a lot. Thank you

  4. Great Danes -

    Hello my dog is a great dane and has a skin allergy, can this product help him? Thank you. .

  5. Elena -

    Maggie is a dog with allergies, skin problems and very damaged hair, she spent months with salmon oil and nothing, but the doxel oil in a month has softened her hair incredibly, and the shampoo has not needed a mask or softening cream, her hair is spectacular, without a doubt I am a fan of these products.

  6. Aurora -

    It is the best complement I can give my dogs. I didn't give it to them for a while, and I've asked for it again, with the oil the coat has a spectacular shine, how healthy it looks, and now with the changes in temperature the shedding is going crazy, and with it, the coat and skin are healthier and it's a different story. I don't think I'll stop giving it to them again, I did it to rest for a while, but it was a mistake. We will give it to them all year round. So soon I'm asking for another 1litre because I give it to them at 4 o'clock and it flies right away hehehe

  7. Encarni -

    I have a Belgian shepherd puppy groenendael has a spectacular hair everyone tells me that his hair shines a lot he has it super soft I have a bottle and when I spend it I will buy another one.

  8. María ángeles and Poppy Fernández Molinero -

    Doxel is fantastic, the coat becomes strong, soft and shiny, the joints are strengthened too, and the vitality is unstoppable. We also love the pad balm, it nourishes, softens and does not stain the floor.

  9. Marta -

    I started giving my Labrador this supplement because he developed an allergy to the flea collar. It left the skin on his neck very red and he had much less hair on the collar mark and very weak. Since we have tried it he has grown all the hair that was less abundant on his neck. He doesn't scratch and his coat is super shiny and his hair doesn't fall out so much. 100℅ recommended

  10. Laura -

    My two dogs love it! I got it because one of them has atopic dermatitis and it's great for him! It's great that the new container is made of sugar cane, the only downside is that the shape of the previous container was more comfortable for me to pour the oil into. But otherwise great!

  11. Maria Jose -

    It's great. My Labrador loves it. It also has a perfect coat

  12. Teresa -

    My vet recommended it to me. My dog's breed is a chow chow, he's only been taking it for 7 days and you can already see it in his coat, much softer and silkier. And no problem taking it, he loves it. We will continue to use it, it's worth it.

  13. Lola -

    My dog was suffering from alopecia due to a skin fungus. I combined the topical drug treatment with doxel oil and I must say that I am very happy. Now that I have stopped using the ointment and am continuing with the oil, the hair is starting to grow back.

  14. Encarni -

    I give it to my puppy and he has a very shiny and soft coat and if I don't put it in his food he seems to like it less he is putting out a super shiny jet black adult coat he is a Belgian shepherd groenendael.

  15. Marisa -

    I have only been trying this natural supplement for 3 weeks because a friend recommended it to me. My yorkshire dog had a lot of bald patches due to his dermatitis and it has improved a lot. In addition, he hardly scratches. I recommend it.

  16. Francisco -

    I have a Labrador mix, the other part must be some kind of hunting dog, so he is calm at times and frantic at others.
    He is very light coated so he has atopic skin behaviours, he scratches and scratches me constantly.
    I've only been using DOXEL for 10 days but the results are very good so far, he has stopped licking and scratching a lot, the coat hasn't gained much shine yet but it is softer and more elastic, and with a little less shedding. It also seems that some bald patches are regenerating.
    Let's see how it goes, I'll keep using it for the time being.

  17. Sara -

    Spectacular gloss and hair coating on the small bald patches he had.

  18. Elisa GARCIA -

    Ma chienne, qui pourtant est une gourmande d'habitude, a laissé à chaque fois que je lui ai servi l'huile 4all une bonne portion des croquettes dans sa gamelle. Ceci n'est n'est jamais arrivé. Pour une huile qui augmente l'appétence, cela paraît étrange.

    En plus de cela, elle a eu eu eu a une forte diarrhée mercredi après-midi jusqu'à jeudi matin. A savoir qu'on a démarré le traitement avec l'huile dimanche et lundi elle était déjà abattue, n'avait pas envie de sortir faire ses balades et elle broutait énormément d'herbe (je suppose qu'elle avait des gros inconforts digestifs).
    On a repris les repas hier soir et ce matin, en donnant donc les croquettes avec l'huile 4 all afin de tester si c'était ça la source de la diarrhée. Les deux fois elle a laissé sa gamelle sans la finir.
    Verdict: à midi, elle s'est dépêchée d'aller dans le jardin pour faire pee-pee (elle se retient jusqu'à la balade du soir d'habitude) puis elle a fait poo, très très mou voire liquide.

    Après avoir fait le tour des articles ainsi que d'autres retour d'expériences des gens qui se font avoir, je vous conseille de FUIR ce produit.
    Vegetable oils accelerate the transit and more than just a beautiful coat or beautiful joints, you will find yourself with a sunshine that will fight against the diarrhoea of other animals. It is best to use an oil of animal origin, such as mussel oil or sardine oil, and then intercalate it with a healthy vegetable source so that it does not cause digestive distress.
    J'ai acheté en plus de cette huile la gamme Sport.... autant je n'ai pas testé celui-ci, je ne veux plus rendre ma chienne malade pour suivre un produit qui à mon sens est douteux. Les deux flocons sont bons donc pour jeter à la poubelle.

  19. Marta López -

    I really liked it. My dog used to take salmon oil but it left him with horrible breath and on top of that it didn't have much effect. In just 10 days I have already started to notice improvement in the skin thanks to Doxel and goodbye bad smell in the mouth. I am delighted.

  20. Standardsay -

    Africa had skin problems due to an allergy 2 years ago, losing her coat and having many clareas. She started with Doxel and she improved a lot after 2-3 weeks. Her hair started to grow back, it shines more, it doesn't fall out so much,... apart from other benefits it has provided her with. When Arabia arrived home, without a doubt, we started to include it in her diet and both of them are doing great and they love it. Thank you very much.

  21. Lauren -

    My dog gets allergies

  22. Luisa -

    I have four beautiful dogs and I give them Doxel with their food. They are delighted with the taste and I am delighted with the shine in their fur and the vitality it gives them. My 13 year old senior has also noticed it on his paws.

  23. Maribel -

    My dog takes it without any problems. The effects are immediately noticeable. His coat is very soft and above all very shiny.

  24. Monica -


  25. Paulina -

    I have two dogs and they really like the taste of Doxel. The first day they weren't convinced but now I have to put it in their dehydrated food because they don't want it otherwise. In just two weeks I noticed an incredible change in their coat. It's much softer and shinier. It's good to see them.

  26. Rosa -

    My dogs have been loving it and they love it when I put it in their food.

  27. Elena -

    The attention received, by Aida, could not have been better, she explained everything very well and I have already made my first purchase. I will keep you posted. Thank you very much

  28. Victoria -

    Very happy with doxel oils, I have tried them all on my 6 year old Apbt who suffers from occasional dermatitis and has sensitive skin.
    He is a barfier and these oils are an ideal complement to a natural diet.
    I started out buying the small bottles and now I always order the bigger ones.
    He loves the taste and his skin and coat have improved noticeably since he has been taking it.

  29. Maria Godoy -

    My dog has dermatitis and the change has been incredible. He has stopped scratching as much as before, his coat is softer and nicer and he loves the taste. I put it in his food every day and he even gobbles it up in his bowl.

  30. Cristina -

    It lacks a better taste for them, mine don't like it, it should be more like lamb or flavours like that.
    Even if they don't like it, the change is noticeable to them.

  31. Laura -

    He doesn't like it mixed with the feed but I give it to him in a syringe and he loves it, his coat looks great since I've been using it.

  32. Ana -

    My dog, who is very particular about food, doesn't like it at all, no matter how hard I've tried. He doesn't get used to the smell and it's no good to me.

  33. Lorena -

    My dog, a Great Dane puppy, did not like it. In fact, she has lost her appetite, the food lasts her the whole day, although she ends up eating it.
    We have been on doxel for just over 15 days and have not noticed any change.

  34. Ana -

    Like many other abandoned dogs when Otto came into my life he had a lot of skin problems, his coat was hard and dull and he often limped after a knock. When we discovered Doxel, as well as liking him, over time his skin became more moisturised and his coat is full of shine. My vet didn't know about it but when he saw it, he told me that it would be perfect for Otto's dermatitis and his frequent lameness. Since then we are never without it, and neither are his doggy friends to whom we recommend it! One of them never ate when summer came and with his dose of Doxel he devours his food.

  35. Raysa Méndez -

    I highly recommend it because since my dog Bibi started to eat her food with 4all her allergy has improved a lot, she doesn't scratch as much as before, and she has only been using it for a week.

  36. Laura -

    Our little greyhound really likes the flavour that the oil gives to her food. We have noticed that her coat shines more, we will continue to give it to her for sure.

  37. Sam Pla -

    We've been using it for a few years now. They love it.....

  38. Fran -

    The truth is that it is a good product, my dog's coat improved a lot and she was more active than usual.

  39. Mercedes -

    We have been using it for 3 weeks on our 2 greyhounds, we bought it because we saw results in Cotton (he is the dog in the photo) Pam had a skin problem, flaking and her hair was hard, her dandruff has gone and her hair is softer. And Pomi has renewed her hair, it fell out a lot and now it is as soft as velvet, she is getting hair on her chest, inside her thighs etc... who has a greyhound knows that they usually have little hair there, they also have a shinier coat both of them. We are very happy with the results and this week we have started to use the senior which we have been told works very well for joints.

  40. Veronica -

    I bought it because I saw the results that my neighbour had obtained with her puppy, softer and shinier coat. So I decided to buy it and I couldn't be happier. My Pukki's hair has been fine but now it's softer, especially the part of the tail that was always rough and it's helping her a lot with shedding. Very good product.

  41. Andrea H -

    When I first discovered this product I didn't know how it would suit my dog, he has quite a sensitive stomach. But I decided to try it after talking to them and it was the best thing I could do.
    It has a lot of shine, great nails, the softness of the coat is incredible. I've tried it on both my dogs and it's great.
    It has become a must for us!
    In addition to the product, the customer service is incredible.

  42. Andrea -

    My dog did great! His skin has improved a lot, hair has grown on his bald patches and he loves it! A great success.

  43. David -

    At first I thought that "it wouldn't hurt", but it didn't take me long to realise that my Morita was no longer an inexhaustible source of hair at home. And not only does he shed less, but his hair is also stronger and softer, and, best of all, his breath no longer smells of fish and he doesn't get sick like when I used to give him salmon oil from the supermarket.

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