We are sure that at some time you have gone on the Internet and searched for vitamins to make my dog's hair grow back. If so, you have surely found many different options on the market, but at Doxel we have the best and most natural ones at really affordable prices. We are committed to offering products for the care of dogs that stand out for having a composition with ingredients of the highest quality and completely natural. We are perfectly aware that you are looking for the best for your dog and we want to give you the most complete solutions on the market. If you choose any of our products, you will be taking maximum care of your dog's health. Our supplement DOXEL ORIGINAL 4ALL is designed to soothe and prevent problems with your dog's skin and coat, providing healthy skin, a shiny coat, soothing possible problems caused by allergies such as bald patches, itchy redness, dandruff... Or even excessive moulting. Get it and avoid problems that may occur in the future. You can also opt for some of our supplements designed to improve the joints or to take care of their immune system. In the same way, you can opt for our vitamin supplement for puppies. Caring for them from day one can be critical to their continued good health for the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for vitamins to grow my dog's coat, we are waiting for you.



We have all thought about vitamins to make my dog's hair grow back and sometimes we find options that, with hindsight, may not be the most suitable. That won't happen if you decide to buy some of our products. We have supplements that have Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs and which guarantee that they will always be in perfect condition. Keep in mind that at Doxel we are committed to natural ingredients, with Camelina, vegetable extracts and first cold-pressed oils, without preservatives, flavourings or chemicals, being the basis of our products. There are many and very good properties that can bring to your dog.

In addition to betting on a brand that is passionate about animals, you can also bet on a brand that cares about caring for the environment. We are looking for sustainability, are you coming?


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